Baxter Village Homes in Fort Mill SC

Baxter Village homes in Fort Mill SC can only be experienced, not just talked about.  For years, I would drive by Exit 85 off of I77 just south of Charlotte.  But one day, my wife and I took the exit and within 60 seconds were in the middle of Baxter Village’s Town Center.  Wow!  What a feeling to experience this lovely village atmosphere.  We drove around first, to grab the identity of this very well planned development.  The houses with front porches.  The garages in the alleys behind.  The amenities.  The shopping, the school.

So join me as I have turned on my video camera and begin a short tour so that you can experience what we experienced – Baxter Village living in Fort Mill SC.  By the way, after our tour of Baxter, we stopped for a delightful lunch in the Baxter Town Center.

PS – Baxter is virtually sold out of new home construction; resale opportunities exist.  But a few miles away, Riverwalk is the next big thing!

This submission to Tour Fort Mill is by Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty.  Article and video by Roger. You can check out Roger’s website at


Baxter Village – End of an Era

Baxter Village is in Fort Mill SC, right off of I77 at Exit 85. Real estate professionals and Charlotte area home builders celebrated what Baxter Village is calling “The End Of An Era”.  Known for their Town Center, small-town feel as well as their unique frontscapes, this is truly a front porch community.  And having neighbors looking out for each other is what happens, believe it or not, when Baxter Village residents commune from front porch to front porch. A real sense of community.

The Baxter Village master plan includes its own Library, YMCA, medical facilities, real estate offices, Village Hall, and the renowned Orchard Park Elementary School.  Ride your bike, stroll with the kids, walk to Town Center for an ice cream.

And the reason for the end of an era celebration is that very few new home construction building lots are left.  In this video, I begin on the upper Charleston-style  front porch overlooking several of the last new homes being built.  Just cannot overemphasize how Saussy Burbank has added so much to the character of Baxter Village, Fort Mill SC with their lovely homes.  You’ll see.


This submission to Tour Fort Mill is by Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty.  Article and video by Roger. You can check out Roger’s website at


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